Video Production

In the beginning there was only video. And today video production remains the core competency of Back Home. From product launch videos to customer testimonials, to live event recording, we have helped our clients communicate their company’s strategy and tell their success stories throughout the world. 17 countries and 34 states to be exact. With over a decade of experience we still continue to refine our craft and find new ways to engage with our audience.

3D Acquisition

Our newest addition, 3D acquisition has become a cost-effective solution for many of our clients looking for 3D imagery. Using a mobile 3D scanner, Back Home has been able to cut modeling and texturing costs to even lower price points. And with our turn-key solution Back Home can deliver a full 3D solutions package including interactive 3D engagement.



Soon after video, came interactive. From employee training to external client engagement, Back Home has delivered a diverse set of solutions for the past decade based on multiple platforms including: Flash, Captivate, and HTML5


2D animation is one of the most cost-effective solutions to effectively communicate broad technical information into a clear linear message. From typography to stop motion, Back Home has a wide array of creative approaches suited to developing concise and engaging content that will not only educate audiences but entertain them as well.