Hurricane Sandy Lessons Learned

Hurricane Sandy

If you’ve spent any time on the Jersey shore, you know that it’s a unique place.

It’s urban. It’s rural. It can be peaceful or packed.

But everything changed ten months ago when Hurricane Sandy hit.

Jet Star roller coaster

The Jet Star roller coaster, a fixture on Seaside Heights’s Casino Pier, became an icon of Hurricane Sandy’s destruction.

Seaside Heights and Stafford Township were two places that Sandy hit hardest.

To remind yourself of what a horrible mess things were and how far they’ve come, check out “Superstorm Sandy: Lessons Learned.”

There’s a point about a minute and half in when you can hear Gov. Chris Christie say that the first thing a flooded place needs, ironically, is water.

Sandy devastation

Water pools in front of a home devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

So, how could anyone possibly tell what pipes had broken? Which ones worked? Which ones were still spouting water and which ones weren’t even there any more?

Watch “Lessons Learned” to find out. It’s pretty remarkable, really, what FlexNet from Sensus can do.

And then, maybe click on the Weather Channel.

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