Carolinas AGC N.C. Legislative Day

Carolinas AGC

Back Home Productions is proud to support North Carolina’s building industry. (After all, “home” is our middle name.)

Dave Simpson

Carolinas AGC Building Director Dave Simpson shows CAGC members around the N.C. State Legislative Building.

“We’ll see you at the big North Carolina seal in front of the Legislative Building.”

That’s where we met Dave Simpson from Carolinas AGC, the organization that represents the state’s general contractors and the entire construction industry. We were there to document the AGC’s Legislative Day, a chance for the people who build our buildings, roads and utilities to tell legislators what is important to them.

And, if people couldn’t make it, they could catch the highlights on our video.

When the General Assembly is in session it’s pretty much start early and finish late.

First, we hustled over to a committee meeting where the senate debated an issue that’s important to the AGC. Then we set up an interview with House Speaker Thom Tillis so AGC members could get the latest from someone who knows. We heard presentations from Senate and House members in the Legislative Building and in the nearby state architects’ headquarters. (That is some place, inside and out.)

Rep. Ruth Samuelson

Rep. Ruth Samuelson asks Carolinas AGC members for their input on bills that would affect the construction industry.

Sen. Tommy Tucker

Sen. Tommy Tucker explains part of the N.C. Senate’s tax plan.

Rep. Skip Stam

Rep. Skip Stam presents in the brand new Raleigh AIA building.

Berry Jenkins

Carolinas AGC Highway Director Berry Jenkins answers questions from CAGC members.

Carolinas AGC CEO Cynthia Mills

Carolinas AGC CEO Cynthia Mills listens to presentations.

Then it was on to a Raleigh high-rise, where contractors and legislators met one-on-one.

Reception 1

Reception 2

Reception 3

If you watch the video, you’ll hear Dave say that what happened on Legislative Day will “improve North Carolina.” We were just glad to be able to be there to show it.

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  • Dave Simpson September 12, 2013  

    Very well done Mr. Langford!